Avi Frier

“So, Avi, what do you do?”

I get asked that a lot. Another variation I hear is, “what don’t you do?

Depending upon whom you ask about me, you might hear any number of responses:

  • Avi is a magician.”
  • Avi is a comedian.”
  • Avi is a gameshow host.”
  • Avi is the Program Director at my synagogue.”
  • Avi is the DJ from my Bar Mitzvah and my sister’s Bat Mitzvah.”
  • Avi is the entertainer who comes to my camp every summer.”
  • Avi is a grammar nerd who says things like, ‘Depending upon whom you ask…'”

I made this site to fill in all of the “Avi is…” blanks. Use the links below to see all the things that Avi is…


Jewish Community

Avi is the Director of Youth, Adult, and Family Programming at Young Israel of Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale.
Avi is the National Program Director of National Council of Young Israel.
Avi is the founder of AJYP :: The Alliance of Jewish Youth Professionals.


Avi is a DJ, gameshow host, and all-around entertainer for all sorts of events.
Avi has performed comedy magic all over the world for more than 30 years.
Avi is a provider of entertainment and interactive events at summer camps.
Avi is a virtual game show host, and has produced hundreds of fun virtual events.
Avi is a lyricist and singer of Jewish country songs. (Yes, that’s a thing!)